I'm Kaylee.

Hi there! My name is Kaylee Decollibus, and I’m a full-time real estate photographer based in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I’ve been capturing stunning photos of homes since 2019, and I offer a variety of services to showcase properties in their best light. From photos and floorplans to drone shots, 3D tours, and advanced editing, I’m committed to delivering high-quality visuals with a quick turnaround time.

At 23 years old, I bring a fresh and creative approach to my work, and I’m passionate about helping my clients sell their properties faster and for a higher price. Thanks for considering me for your real estate photography needs!

A Look into my services

Professional interior and exterior photography for real estate is crucial for effectively showcasing properties. These high-quality photographs capture the unique features, ambiance, and potential of a property, allowing potential buyers or renters to envision themselves in the space. Interior photography highlights the layout, design, and natural lighting, while exterior photography showcases curb appeal and the surrounding environment. Investing in professional photography greatly increases the chances of attracting interested parties, maximizing the property's value, and expediting the sales process.


A well-designed floorplan serves as a visual representation of a property's layout, allowing potential buyers or renters to gain a comprehensive understanding of the space before ever stepping foot inside. By accurately depicting room dimensions, furniture placement, and overall flow, floorplans enable viewers to envision themselves in the property and make informed decisions. Whether you're a real estate agent, property manager, or homeowner, incorporating floorplans into your listings not only attracts more qualified leads but also saves time by pre-qualifying interested parties. With my expertise in creating detailed and visually appealing floorplans, I'm committed to helping you showcase the full potential of your properties, ultimately increasing their market value and accelerating the sales or rental process. Let's work together to make your listings stand out from the crowd and captivate prospective buyers or tenants.

Creating powerful imagery at new heights.

When it comes to capturing stunning visuals for real estate, drone photography takes your listings to new heights. By employing aerial perspectives, drone photography provides a unique and captivating view of properties, showcasing their surroundings and highlighting their best features. These captivating images not only grab attention but also give potential buyers or renters a more comprehensive understanding of the property's location, size, and layout. With aerial shots, you can showcase expansive landscapes, breathtaking views, and enticing amenities, creating an emotional connection with viewers and piquing their interest. Additionally, drone photography adds a modern and professional touch to your marketing materials, setting you apart from competitors. So, if you're looking to elevate your real estate listings and make a lasting impression, consider integrating the power of drone photography into your marketing strategy.